Professional IT Service

The Brass IT Solutions started in 2015 as a Website Development firm that quickly evolved into an IT Solution agency. We are one of the few proudly South African companies that specialize in creating local products, which eliminates the need to rely on international products.

The company produces high quality and world standard products, Our Company include everything from System Software, to Desktop / Network support and everything in between. We are unique in that we can combine our different services to offer you a fully integrated campaign that includes a click through option to mobile websites and application. If you are looking to communicate with your existing client base or you are reaching out to potential new customers, we can assist you from the conception of your project to the successful completion of it.

Our goal is to integrate control systems through applications and make them a norm in environment which still use old methods, and to empower the places at which such technology has never been used before.

We can’t call ourselves The Big Brass if we’re not committed to delivering to your deadline! An agreed deadline will always be set before commencement of each assignment. Small projects are generally completed within 2 to 3 days. For larger projects we will provide regular updates at agreed milestones as work progresses. Any threats to completing deadlines will be communicated in a timely manner and a solution sought. Communication we engage in open, transparent two-way communication. The Big Brass uses email, telephone, and Skype to communicate with our clients. We will do our best to accommodate any preferred style of communication.

The Brass seeks to promote integrity in the IT Solution industry. We are honest, fair and respectful of others. We attempt to clarify for relevant parties the roles we are performing and to function appropriately in accordance with those roles. Any issues arising from the above can be referred to the Professional Standards.